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Project Description
This package allows you to import multiple or large files that have been uploaded to the server via FTP or other means. A new media item is created in the media tree and the media is moved from the upload location to the new directory for the media item.

This package works great for getting large video files(or other files) into the media library for Umbraco when you are having timeout or filesize issues using the standard upload feature or already have the media on the server but not yet inside of the Umbraco Media library.

The latest version allows multiple import directories to be configured and also allows the import of multiple files into the media section in a single import process whilst maintaining directory structure.

Once installed you will find a file called importMedia.config in your config directory where you can add your chosen import directories in the following format:


Credit must go to Richard Soeteman ( for his input on this version with regards to the maintained directory structure and thumbnail support.

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